Makeup & Late Policy

Major assignments (for this class, the Writing & Creating assignments) submitted late will be penalized one letter grade per 24-hour period late. (E.g., an “A” quality paper that was due Wednesday in class but was submitted on Thursday at 9 am will receive an B; if submitted at 5 pm Thursday, it will receive a C.)

Students who miss an in-class exam or other graded in-class assignment will receive a zero.

Extensions on assignments and rescheduling in-class presentations/discussion facilitations will be provided only in emergencies (e.g., death in the immediate family, severe illness, etc.) or unavoidable conflicts with another required university commitment (such as an athletic competition) with advance notice. Students with an emergency should contact the professor to make alternative arrangements immediately.

Absence policy

  • Missing two class sessions will not affect a student’s grade.  Every absence beyond two (=more than a week of class) may lower the Participation grade by up to one letter level (A to B, B+ to C+, etc.).
  • Students with a documented illness, required sports games/meets or other university event, or a personal or family  emergency (such as a death of a close relative) may make up Participation. It is the professor’s discretion as to which absences can or should be made up.
  • To make up an absence, students will provide a written analysis of the readings/websites/films for the missed day.  The response will be a minimum of one page long, typed, 12-point font, and will be submitted via email within 24 hours of the student’s return to class.  It will be evaluated for quality and will count toward Participation.  This means that even “excused” absences will lower the Participation grade if they are not made up.
  • At the beginning of the semester, athletes/debaters/etc. should provide me with the dates of class to be missed due to official university activities.
  • Students who are too ill to come to class should go to health services and provide documentation with their make up assignment.
  • Students with other emergencies should email me as soon as possible.
  • Lying to avoid a penalty is a violation of the Honor Code
  • Make friends: Students who miss class should check the website, check Sakai, and get notes from a peer before coming to talk to the professor about missed material.

The make-up policy outlined above is designed for students who have unavoidable commitments or emergencies, which will lead to more than a week of absences.  Students with multiple unexcused absences at the beginning of the semester should not expect accommodation late in the semester.