Preparing for Class

To succeed in the class, prepare for each session.

  • Read the assignments and/or view the videos carefully and attentively
  • Use the Study Guides listed on the Course Schedule for each day.
  • Write your Reading Responses (described below).
  • Take the quizzes and study the online flashcards on our Textbook’s companion website

For every day on which there is a reading, website, or film assignment, students will post to the Sakai site under Assignments a reading response for the day.  These responses help me understand how well you are comprehending the material.  They also help ensure a productive class discussion by encouraging students to complete the readings, and they help you develop your writing skills.

The responses:

  • Are due by 9 am the day of class.  Late responses will not count.
  • Will contain at least six complete sentences about the material for the day
  • Should demonstrate that the student has read/viewed and reflected upon the material for the day.  (Please be specific, so that I know you have done it, and please demonstrate that you have read more than a small section of the assignment.)
  • Need not be a unified paragraph; a student may address different topics in one post
  • Can comment on aspects of the assignment that are most compelling and exciting to you (and say why)
  • Can raise questions or points that were confusing or require clarification for you
  • Can ask questions and raise issues you would like to discuss further in class
  • Will usually be open to the students’ interests.  Students may choose to respond to questions on study guides (but do not have to), and occasionally the professor will assign a specific assignment/question for the Reading Response
  • Are not due on the day of an exam, paper, or other major assignment in this course

Students who miss more than four reading responses (two weeks of class) will receive a D or F for the semester on this assignment.  (Note:  merely completing the minimum number of responses will not guarantee a C; the responses must be of sufficient quality, as well.)

  • Students who are absent from class are encouraged to submit a Reading Response for that day anyway.
  • Responses will be evaluated with points on a zero to 3 point scale.  4’s will be given on rare occasions for outstanding, insightful work.  Receiving mostly threes and fours will result in an A for this semester’s cumulative assignment grade.  Mostly 3s with 2s will result in a B.  Mostly 2s will result in a C.  Mostly 1s will result in a D.  1s and 0s will result in an F.

I will not evaluate every response every day.  Each day, I will choose a random 5-10 responses from each section to grade.  You will get credit for every response you write, but you will be graded on a smaller subset of responses.